I like things that are funny, clever, smart, and weird. Also the color red, because that's why.

Mass Effect is the greatest thing to exist since the dawn of 2% Milk. End of story. No exceptions.

If you want to see more of my cosplay work, feel free to visit my page at argnarock.deviantart.com

Some of my favorite pictures from Space Coast Nerd Fest. It was small, but it was certainly a blast. It was great to troop with a bunch of fellow Star Wars costumers again, and it may have been the first time all four members of Ka’rta Cosplay have successfully kitted up together since Megacon 2013, which was exciting! I actually got to meet Dose Ordo ( The tannish-green mando with the red cape) for the first time, so that was awesome! 

And to top it all off, I learned that I could hula-hoop in full kit! I must master this and enter some kind of contest in kit for the lolz. 

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    The third pic looked like an Imp Guild organized op to fight a World Boss.
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